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Hey! Where'd the WTL 3.1 Quick Reference Go?

Fret not, intrepid WTL programmer. The reference is still here, but now it's a ZIP file that you download and unzip. Most of my (scant) upstream bandwidth was being used delivering this 344KB HTML file all over the world, and hey, a man's gotta be able to play UT2003 sometimes!

Note that though this reference was built from WTL 3.1, it is 99% applicable to WTL 7.0 as well. If you're using WTL at all, you probably want this quick reference.

You can visit the Downloads page or just get the archive right here (ZIP, 52KB).


On 9/29/2003 I updated the WTL 3.1 Quick Reference to have clean HTML. There were lots of problems with the markup that caused problems in non-IE browsers. The links above now point to the 1.0.7 (latest) version.