Chromata, 2019

Chromata is an exploration of area, shape, shadow, and color. Smooth, organic forms flow through the piece continuously. Its imagery challenges our pattern-seeking minds, evoking the sky, the sea, the forest, the sunset, and memories in between. Chromata has been shown extensively in Seattle and Oregon. Chromata was debuted at the 2019 Portland Winter Light Festival and was a placed art installation at Burning Man 2019.

Bryan Ressler

Bryan Ressler is a Seattle-area new media artist. Inspired in 2004 by an early piece of electronic light art, he sought to create works that explored his love of technology while simultaneously incorporating analog and organic aspects.

The present work, Chromata, is currently on public exhibit:

804 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA

Corner of 2nd and Columbia
Former LA Fitness building